Let Your Little One Fall in Love With a Dance

Bring them in for a dance lesson at our studio in Billings, MT

Are you searching for a new activity for your little one? They'll love the dance lessons at Rimview Dance Studio! We offer fun fundamental classes for toddlers to teenagers. Even your two-year-old can enjoy moving to the groove with our experienced instructors! As your little one learns the art of dance, you'll get to see their confidence grow and grow. And, they'll develop motor and social skills along the way.

Introduce your child to the world of dance. Come try a class with us today at our studio in Billings, MT.


Dance Lessons

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Adult Lessons

Take an adult tap dancing class with our pro instructors.

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Why should you enroll your child in our dance classes?

Choosing the right studio for your child is important for fostering a love of dance. You'll feel confident joining our community because we:

  • Have over 31 years of experience in the dance world
  • Focus on building positive relationships with our students
  • Help our dancers learn and develop a passion for the art

Our studio can have a positive impact on your teenager or little one. You can trust us to help them develop strength, patience and friendships.

Dancing is for everyone - even grown-ups

It's never too late to strap on your dance shoes and shimmy. Rimview Dance Studio provides adult dance lessons at our studio in Billings, MT. Adults of all ages can benefit from our upbeat and physically-active classes. We'll help you relive your glory days as a dancer through our exciting tap classes.

Call 406-861-2597 now to learn more about our adult dance lessons.