Adults Have Twinkle Toes, Too

Join us for adult tap dancing classes in Billings, MT

Many of us took and enjoyed dance classes as a kid, but the road doesn't have to end there. Rimview Dance Studio offers adult tap dancing classes! We help adults 18-and-over master the art of tap dancing. Our students will learn new moves and brush up on their old skills during our group lessons. Adult tap dancing classes are a great way to have fun, stay active and meet new people.

Give tap dancing a try. Stop by our dance school in Billings, MT for an adult tap class this week.

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Learn the tap basics and beyond

No matter if you're new to tap or a former pro, our adult classes are sure to be a good time. We'll help you get the hang of classic tap dancing moves, like the:

Shuffle ball change | Double time step | Running flap | Maxi ford | Pullback

Your friends and family will be impressed by your incredible tap skills. Reach out to us to learn our adult tap class schedule today.